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Firm Profile
The work of the firm is known for sensitivity to its surroundings and for expressing the values of an individual client along with the enduring principles of architecture.

Different circumstances evoke differing stylistic responses, with common threads of modesty, joy in materials and commitment to sustainable practices.  Projects vary greatly in size and function.  Clients include business and home owners, non-profit groups and the City of Philadelphia.

Process is important to the work functionally and intellectually.  Each project brings the opportunity to seek answers to basic questions.  How are decisions made that result in a good building?  Whose voices are heard?  How will this building uplift the next generation, whose voices cannot be heard?  Especially in difficult economic times, how can this building offer the greatest value to our clients and to future users?

The firm is registered with the City of Philadelphia Office of Economic Opportunity as a Woman Business Enterprise and is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services as a Woman Business Enterprise.

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