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Bridge to Bridge Project
Consultant to: Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects

Master plan for regatta area.

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Lager Raabe Skafte Landscape Architects led a team to make recommendations for the heavily used area between Columbia and Strawberry Mansion Bridges.  Schade and Bolender acted as architectural and rowing consultants, and made specific proposals for the East Park Canoe House, which was built in 1912, burned down the next year, and was almost immediately rebuilt.  It is a very fine long, low building in the Mission style, designed by Philadelphia architect Walter Smedley.  The linear, low profile of the building is exceptionally well-suited to the site, as it parallels the activity on the river, the paths and the road, and allows ample space on both of its long sides for circulation.  Renovations would include exterior repair and stabilization; new toilet rooms oriented for the public and for regattas, and public space with an adjacent vendor area that could be incorporated into the public space should the concession prove to be infeasible.  

The project was funded by the Fairmount Park Commission and the Schuylkill Navy.  Work included presentations and discussions with both groups to gather input for the final report, as well as meetings with Fairmount Park staff.

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