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House at Loon Pond
House at Loon Pond
New house and outbuildings, including site work, design of conservation easement area and siting of buildings in cooperation with Nature Conservancy in Gilmanton, NH.

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With the support of the community and The Nature Conservancy, the client acquired 100 acres on the south side of Loon Pond, just outside Gilmanton, New Hampshire.  The architects and the client staked out the boundaries of the two acre area plot would be set aside for building; the rest was deeded permanently to the Conservancy for natural habitat and recreational use.

An L-shaped plan is oriented for solar gain at a courtyard and to give lake views to all rooms.  A gallery along the south side gathers the meager sunshine of a New Hampshire winter and shares it with the private rooms through transoms.  The kitchen and dining area adjoin the courtyard directly, and the living room, dining area and kitchen share a vaulted wood ceiling and lake views.  Most of the heat is supplied by a wood-burning furnace in the basement.  Windows are pultruded fiberglass to minimize thermal bridging and to resist expansion and contraction in the severe climate.  The windows have insulated glass and modern technology, but are created to look and function like the vernacular wood double-hung windows.

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